1. com on man and what if the shooter hit the 5 or 9 so you are loosing $26 and when you place $5 on don’t pass after shooter hit 7 and if he hit 7 again or 11 you lose that $5 as well it is hard to make money this way body.

  2. what i was asking you is i hit 2 times 7 and 1 time 11 in a row while i was betting $5 on don’t pass line and i lost $15 before even the point establish and if i bet $5 on 6 & 8 and $5 on don’t pass line so in that case i’m loosing more money if i hit 7 Twice or three times in a row before the point establish .

  3. If you lose 3 times in a row you are only losing the $5 don’t pass bet while leaving the $12 on the 6 and 8 unless you are talking about getting on a number and hitting the number right away. If that’s the case I would suggest making a $1 fire bet. $40 if he hits 4 numbers, $200 for 5, $500 for all 6.

  4. Here is one thing i don’t understand by playing this system what if i lose twice or three times in a row before even the point establish it happend with me and it was hard to cover my loses after that.

  5. I’ve watched this video several times. I’ve always been a fan of “Systems”, this one has fallen true. I stayed determined to it and profitted three times, in three days; each time only playing for about 6 hours. Each session made me about $200 give or take. Now thats not alot, but it paid for my BS expenses on the vacation and had a hell of a good time playing.So thanx DJ.

  6. craps has the best odds of winning than any other game in a casino. there is a guy who always wins big on craps because he mastered the art of rolling the dice, he’ll roll 35 times before he 7’s out. He goes by “the dominator” if any one has heard of him A&E or bio did a documentary on him called breaking vegas.

  7. In my comment about Fire Bets, I made an error. With the rolling of the 6th Fire Bet #, $4995 profit is paid to you minus Fed taxes only. Depending on the 6th # rolled, the Field or Place bet would be paid AND if you wish your Field bet may be picked up and you may request your Place bets be taken down.
    That 6th # is a winner and the other bets are NOT deducted from the Fire Bet $1000 to 1 payout. Please excuse my error.

  8. $5 Fire Bet always. If 5 Fire Bets are made, u are guaranteed $1250. Place 10 units each on 5,6 & 8, Field $35 bet (1/2 the payoffs for 5,6 & 8), total $205. If #’s are rolled u win $35 each. If shooter 7’s, u still have a profit of $1040 (original $5 Fire Bet goes to dealers). If #s keep rolling for profit, u might want to increase place and Field bets to 15 or 20 units and continue profiting, hoping for the 6th FIRE BET #. Profit will then be $4995-(Fed tax and $’s bet). COMMENTS?

  9. This is ENTERTAINMENT! winning requires LUCK!All “experts” have systems. Many place the 6and 8 for $6 each and pull down after one hit. If there is a larger profit, pressing the 6 or 8seems to be the norm. More profit, place the 5 or 9. Instead of placing the 9, why not make a $5 bet on the field? The profit is $2 less but you have increased the winning #’s to 11. Agreed the field pays even on all except the 5,6,and 8 which returns a $2profit. Continued next page for Fire Bet thoughts.

  10. Why would anyone who’s serious about playing systems waste their time on a US version of Craps with shaved odds. Its a rip off! In the UK and other places such as Australia and South Africa they have the original odds. For example, 2 & 12 pay 33 to 1 not 30 to 1. 3 & 11 pay 16 -1 not 15 – 1. In the field, 2 or sometimes 12 pay triple. Hard ways pay 9 1/2 and 7 1/2 to 1 not 9 & 7 to 1 as on the US version and the 4 & 10 pay 9 1/2 to 5. Your better off playing Keno!

  11. There is no way to win in a casino. All betting systems win sometimes. You will feel like a genious when u win. When u lose though you will feel its just not your day. Systems are just a way to entertain ur self. dont expect to win at any system. Have fun and create ur own losing systems. because thats what systems do. they lose eventually. If you are smart you will never pay for a system.

  12. wow! how confusing! I think this method is really good if you could practice it a few times during a real game. But I’ll just stick to me pass/come bet style for now. Thanks for the videos, they’re all helpful.

  13. thanks for this.. one tip.. labeling your videos tutorial 1/6.. 2/6.. would help identify the order in which we should watch these! ..but thanks again these are great.

  14. …oh, and by the way, odds bets add an additional loss factor of about -6.57516% per dollar average, I never play odds unless I feel like throwing away money, the Big6/Big8 has a better % than that crap…no offense. (statistics run 10 times on a 100,000 roll simulation program using a human to seed and averaged).

  15. thespooneytube: Using the 11 to buy the dontpass isn’t very good because of the variance on that roll, I personally use the field to purchase my bets (everyone says it’s bad betting, but doubling up works perfectly fine because it is the LEAST variant bet on the board). I usually dontpass 1 and buy with field, if i lose field i’ll go 3 field to buy the dontcome and place hedge on point, after dontcome passes, hedge it and fieldup for another dontcome and continue, i usually rake $10/minute.

  16. Sometimes I put $15 on the don’t pass line and $1 on the 11. The only thing that can hurt me is the 7 on the come out roll. I place the 6 and the 8 for $6 each take 2 hits and come down. If the point is 10 or 4, I will hedge off that with a dollar or two on the hard ways. What do you think?…

  17. Once you clear the come out roll from the Don’t Pass side the odds are in your favor. Never take you “DP” bet down. Never put odds on a Don’t Pass you are giving the casino the edge again on the win, as you are betting more than you can win. These games were designed to always give the casino the edge. Baccarat and Black Jack are better game for winning potential.

  18. mcjome. I have to agree with you. This video is just plain bad. Read Edwin Silberstang if you want to win at craps.

  19. Playing the field is mathematically weak, no matter with what you play it. The second system you mention is called the Iron Cross. It has the illusion of winning almost every time except when hitting a 7 but really, this is a very weak strategy. To BREAK EVEN, you need to hit a 2 or 12 TWO time before hitting a 7 OR a 3,9,10,11 FOUR time OR a 5,6,8 like…SIXTEEN TIMES !!!!
    The Iron cross, though it present relatively not so bad odds ( around -2.2%), It is a clearly awful bet in practice.

  20. If you could get a copy of Zeke Feinbergs book Pre-Setting the Dice;Beat the bastard casinos the whole probability thing about dice combinations as taught by experts can be thrown out the window on pg. 23!! Wish I could explain, but you need to see the chart… there is no such thing as ‘true’ odds, its more like imaginary odds! In 96 Rolls there are 18 7’s and only 8 4’s or 10’s(not 9 of each), only 10 9’s or 5’s(not 12 of ea.)and only 13 6’s or 8’s(not 15 of ea.) In 192rolls 36 Should be SEVEN

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