1. What a terrible casino. Paying an odd amount on 6 or 8 will give you less return but I guess you would have no choice. If I was playing at a table like that I would just play 5 and 9 instead of 6 and 8.

  2. The casino i go to doesn’t have $1 chips, only $2.50,$5,$25,$100,$500. Should i just bet 5 insted of 6?

  3. Good instructions, but you should back the camera up some. It is odd to have the camera focused on your shirt and have your face ‘peeking’ into frame every few seconds. Just set the camera up to view you and the table from the waist up, so you don’t have to keep ducking into the shot.

  4. Thanks for your video. Makes good sense and you have a good, understandable way of teaching.

  5. Appreciate you teaching the ‘the basics’ for beginners in a no- nonsense manner.

  6. I’ve watched up to the four minute mark and the “let’s suppose” scenario he’s drawn up has lead to four hits on the bet. That will happen, but not as often as one hit before a seven out (in which case you’d win $1). Or two hits (you’d win $2). Or no hits (you’d lose $12). With such small winnings on the good times, a choppy table could hurt you pretty badly, it would seem, but I’ll test in in a simulation.

  7. This is very helpful. the way i have played “computer game” is to play the 6-8 out the gate with the other 6-8 covered as well as a small bet on the hard ways.

  8. I know how to play craps fairly well and would still be terrified stepping up to a craps table at any casino. If there is one thing I know craps players can be VERY superstitious and the last thing I need is to t-off some drunk wannabe high roller.

  9. I had it wrong it goes to seventeen and you have to choose either the 4 or 10 not both it looks like this
    BET PAYOFF Out 7Total Loss
    1. 25 = 50 = 25
    2. 25 = 50 = 50
    3. 50 =100 =100
    4. 50 =100 =150
    5. 75 =150 =225
    6. 125 =250 =350
    7. 175 =350 =525
    8. 275 =550 =800
    9. 400 =800 =1200
    10. 600 =1200 =1800
    11. 900 =1800 =2700
    12. 1350 =2700 =4050
    13. 2025 =4050 =6075

  10. What about buying the 4 and 10 after a point is established on a $25-$25,000. If shooter sevens, you don’t have to double up the next time a point is established since it pays 2 to 1. I figured it a while back on paper and in order to reach table limit 27 shooters would have to establish a point and seven out without ever hitting a 4 or 10. If the shooter hits a 4 or 10 on the come out you just put odds behind the pass line and don’t have to pay the 5% vig to get true odds.

  11. if your going to play Martingale on don’t pass lin you should just play baccerat or even roullete if you dont mind the zeros its a faster game. I’ve been at craps tables and sometimes it takes 30 mins before a hot shooter 7’s out

  12. Playing the 6s and 8s this way is very fun and you could win money. But in order to win you NEED to catch a VERY HOT table, which doesn’t happen alot. You really need to very good shooter to help you win.

  13. i tried the 5 dollar method on the computer game and of course its a computer but in one hour after several losses by playing the way u said i had won 100 dollars so sounds like a good system to me.

  14. Sounds great and have fun.
    You know ;;; If you don’t have a lot of money to start off with. This system works just as good if you raise and lower your bet just one dollar. Just takes a lot longer to win any Real money. Have fun.
    We will talk more whyen you get back.

  15. very helpful. im gonna do the no pass , no odds, and up bet by 5 dollars if i lose and when i win ill lower bet by 5 each time. leaving wed and be back sunday. ill let you know how it goes 🙂

  16. The no pass line has the lowest odes in favor of the house. EVERY other bet is higher in favor of the house.
    Taking odds on the nopass is stricktly your choice. I DON’T.

  17. so what am i betting the 5 dollars on every time? no pass with 6 and 8 bet or just no pass line with no odds. so many ways to bet im confused. 2 more days till i leave and im excited but i want to either win money or keep my losses to a minimum. ive been studying craps and several ppl like dont pass line with 8 and 6 to win. what do u think

  18. Now your next bet is $20 If you win you breack even and you have won only three times but you have lost 5 times. The law of averages on the no pass line is so close to 1 to 1 There are truely only three ways you can loss your money. 1: stray from the system 2: not start with enough money. 3: loss your nerve.
    SSOOO; Each time you loss up your bet just a little. Each time you win, drop your bet a little. AND STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE SIDE BETS. They are for SUCKERS

  19. If you have ANY idea of going to the dice table to gamble. STAY HOME. However;; If you want to make money shoting craps. Treat it like a job. And earn your money. Place your bets like you would play the stock market.
    Never double up. Always average out your loses. On a $5 table up your bet 5 dollars each time you loss. Loss 5 times in a row you loss total $75 , BUT your next bet is 30 dollars. You win. You have now lost ony $45.
    Now bet $25 win. lost only $20 total
    Continue down

  20. i am going to biloxi next week and have been reading all the articles about how to win at craps. could you tell me more about your method. thanks

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