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How To Play Craps

This is the beginning in a series of instruction videos on gambling. The first is on the basics of craps.

Video posted by: Bestdj0125

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Comments & Feedback on "How To Play Craps"

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25 Responses to “How To Play Craps”

  1. guitar2adam Says:

    how do you get free drinks!?
    i’m going to las vegas next weekend for my 21st birthday 🙂


    yeah thanks!

  3. nickeax Says:

    Hey, this was a GREAT video, thank you very much, mate! 5/5

  4. hamiltoneddie Says:

    I won $97 at Binions on Saturday night in about 45 min. I always bet the minimum $5 on the pass line and randomly bet the field. Hey it worked for me! Plus I got free drinks (always tip! or you’ll get bad luck!)

  5. dbs521 Says:

    great video. thank you.

  6. Jimmybangkok Says:

    Thanks for this it’s a good tutorial for beginners

  7. aaronin2d Says:

    Finally a helpful Craps video that doesn’t have something seriously wrong with it. This guy is good, it’s kinda like having an uncle explain it to you in his furnished parlor game basement.

  8. hilocomtoot Says:

    Great video…have never shot craps in any casino just games at fine homes and clubs. I now see why so many trusted folks in my 55 years have said if you go to Vegas you might as well open your wallet and give them your money b/c your money is a gift in Vegas. Don’t like to be put on a limit when I get hot! Oh, where is the tight trip wire/string across the table that the dice must pass over otherwise they can be controlled..believe I’ll pass on casino anything gambling.

  9. tomjaynes Says:

    I viewed this video by Brian Stevenson and loved his technique on teaching the game. I would love to see more videos. The first time I’ve ever seen Craps played was when my girlfriend played.

  10. collfan Says:

    Good intro. Thanks for putting this together.

  11. haaynow Says:

    BackgammonStars. com

    awesome action…better then craps.

  12. Bongtastic Says:

    everybody has there own certain system…you would have to read other peoples system and choose your own.
    A simple system is the PASS Line/ COME Bet.

  13. nattyman19 Says:

    Could you post some strategies to the game? I played for the first time a couple months ago at the casino and I just played the field. And I ended up winning like 300 but this guy next to me said the field isn’t always that hot. I’m just wanting to know some smart bets.

  14. sasanvancouver Says:

    thnx, but u win on lay & place bets if first roll is 8 and second is 6 rite??? and win the pass line bet if rolls 8 twice in a row before 7 comes, in order to win the pass line and pass line odds ( behind pass line ) bets , shooter has to roll two 8’s before 7…. i guess.


  15. rsanjuan31 Says:

    if you roll an 8 on the first roll that becomes your point and then you must roll another 8 in order to win. if you roll a 7 (craps) before the 8, then you lose. any other number, you keep rolling until you crap out…

    hope that helps..

  16. sasanvancouver Says:

    so let’s say shooter rolls a 8 on a first roll, and rolls a 6 on the second, in order to win the shooter has to roll a 6 on the third roll to get paid????? roll twice same # to get paid….

  17. meckiberger56 Says:

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  18. omaral3aref Says:

    nice and helpful .. thanks

  19. jxl340 Says:

    If you want to take part in an International web-based study on gambling, google ‘oxfordgamblingsurvey’ for the link.

  20. JohnnyBoyf Says:

    hey thanks for posting this

  21. dustman1240 Says:

    there are no ways to beat the game

  22. 2dacall Says:

    you would need to call me my number is listed in words at the bottom where it says for more details and then my number is listed call me and i will let you know what to do. I live here in vegas.

  23. 2dacall Says:

    you would need to call me my number is listed in words at the bottom where it says for more details and then my number is listed call me and i will let you know what to do. I live here in vegas.

  24. Bestdj0125 Says:

    May be a little skeptical here but if you show me this system, I will take it to Vegas and use it to the letter. If I profit as you say, I will send you 1/2 of my winnings the first time out. I am good for my word. If it is as good as you say, you will trust me.

  25. Learn How to Play Craps Video Putting Money in Action Says:

    Hey this is a very interesting article! Thanks! Just check the detailed info there #5 Learn How to Play Craps Video Putting Money in Action

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