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#5 Learn How to Play Craps Video Putting Money in Action

Learn How to Play Craps Video. Putting some chips on the table. See how the game works.


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Comments & Feedback on "Learn How to Play Craps"

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13 Responses to “Learn How to Play Craps”

  1. kimboslice210 Says:

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    just got back from vegas and i won more than a hundred forty bucks in three different casinos..craps is the shit lol

  2. kittyglampants Says:

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    This was an amazing lesson. Thank you so much for such a thorough yet simplified explanation. I can’t wait to try out what I have learned in the casino! You are a brilliant teacher.

  3. robnum1 Says:

    is there a specific way to roll the dice to get that many points without sevening? Also, Odds?


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    Answered privately. Thanks for watching and learning with me!!!

  5. fckualreadyaye Says:

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    I would never parlay the pass line. I’d rather press the numbers up one unit.

  6. mrgambinii Says:

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    great video. thanks.

  7. garnelio1 Says:


    you are awesome at explaining the game… THANK YOU

  8. Sejaynus Says:

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    This series has the best craps teaching videos on Youtube. Well done, Learntoplaycraps!

  9. buttblood Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    good shit bro. i was in ceasars palace this weekend i tried watching others play and was more or less lost 😛 but next time im deffinatley gonna play some craps. good videos. thanks!

  10. NursingStudent65 Says:

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    I really like your videos i feel like i’ve learned alot! PUT UP MORE VIDEOS!!!

  11. ArmyTank00 Says:

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    thanks for the videos, man! Krap is the one game where the casino doesn’t steal ur money


    Create a video blog

    This particular segment wasn’t focusing on ODDS bets just yet because it is confusing for the beginning player to see all the odds bets moving arround. We’re gonna show lots of scenarios in future segments where Odds bets are in action as well as Come bets w/Odds, Don’t Pass/Don’t Come action and much, much more. Stay tuned and please Rate and Comment on my videos!! Thanks to everybody who is watching and learning!!

  13. bdequinia Says:

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    why didn’t you take odds? You made 2 points and would have won more money.

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