Craps in California with cards

Why do they play craps in California with cards?

Nell’IL alive and I was visiting a casino? in California that crap playing with the cards instead? the dice. Why? are the laws in California against the game of dice?

Posted by: Dave D

Craps in California

Yes, you are correct that the use of cards in craps games at California casinos is due to state laws. In California, games of chance that use dice are not allowed. However, games of chance that involve cards are permitted.

To adhere to this law, casinos in California have come up with a unique variation of craps that uses cards instead of dice. The basic rules and betting structure of the game remain the same, but the outcome of each roll is determined by cards rather than dice.

In the California version of craps, a deck of cards with numbers corresponding to the possible outcomes of a pair of dice is used. Often, two decks are combined, and one card is drawn from each deck to simulate the roll of two dice. The sum of the two cards represents the result of the roll. Some casinos may use a slightly different approach, but the general idea remains the same.

This adaptation allows California casinos to offer craps while still complying with state regulations. Although the gameplay may be slightly different from traditional craps, the overall experience and odds are quite similar.

How they play Craps in California with cards