How long can you hold dice in craps before they get annoyed?

How long can you hold dice in craps before they get annoyed?

I’m learning to throw dice and have not been in a casino with craps before.How long can I hold the dice and change the set and get my grip right before the dice dealer will get annoyed at me?

Will the casino ask me to leave if I’m slow at it but still bet on my turn every time?



Question asked by: Daniel N


In a casino craps game, the pace is typically faster than what you might experience in a casual setting with friends. However, dealers and other players are usually understanding and patient with new players who might take a bit longer to set and throw the dice. That being said, it’s essential to maintain a reasonable pace and not take an excessive amount of time.

Generally, you should try to keep your dice-setting time under 10-15 seconds. If you take much longer than that, the dealer might remind you to speed up your pace, and other players could become impatient. If you consistently take a long time, the casino staff may ask you to speed up or, in extreme cases, ask you to leave the table.

To avoid any issues, practice your dice setting and grip at home before heading to the casino. This way, you’ll be more comfortable with the process and can maintain a faster pace while playing.

Remember, it’s essential to be respectful of other players and the casino staff. While they understand that beginners might need a little extra time, try not to push the limits of their patience.


  1. The dealers may get annoyed but they are not likely to say anything. The boxman and the supervisor will tell you to pick them up and shoot. We know that no dice-setting method affects the outcome but we also do not want someone slowing down our game. There are people waiting to play the game. Do not waste our time or theirs by setting dice. I try to be tolerant and give people a moment to set dice. It is not like the old days when you would either pick up the dice and shoot or we would pass you by.

    Shoot them. Shoot them now. Just like the voices in your head said when you saw your family for the last time.

    You will not be thrown out of the casino for dice setting. You will not be asked to leave the table. But if you set dice and we tell you to throw them we can pass the dice to some other player who will finish out your hand. You can continue to play craps but lose the privilege of shooting.

  2. In general the dealers want a fast throw. Holding or shaking the dice for more than 3-4 seconds may get a comment, longer than that will definitely get a comment.

    In my experience the stickman is the one who tries to keep the play speed up.

    In general, I will always set the dice on the table to the number I wish to throw, this takes only a second. I remove my hand for a millisecond to display the dice, open palm up, then swoop them up, swirl once and throw them in one movement against the opposite wall. I try to make the throw go a bit higher than the table wall height, bounce on the table and then hit the wall.

    No one has ever complained about this, as long as I hit the wall each time.

    I also use the Calculated Craps method to bet, it seems to work for me. Here is a link:

    Also, I always am sure to tip by putting a bet on the pass line for the crew I start throwing. This makes them both happy and a bit more tolerant of me! lol

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