In the game of craps do I have to bet on each and every roll?

In the game of craps do I have to bet on each and every roll?

For example, can I bet once and then wait 5 rolls before I place another bet? Is this legal? I want to start playing craps when I visit the casino and I am just curious. I don’t want to start off doing something illegal and annoy the staff and other players by playing like an amateur. Thanks in advance for your help.

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In the game of craps, you are not required to bet on each and every roll. You can certainly choose to place a bet, then wait for several rolls before placing another bet. This is completely legal and within the rules of the game.

However, if you are the shooter (the person rolling the dice), you are typically required to have a bet on the pass line or don’t pass line. This ensures that you have some stake in the outcome of the roll. If you’re not the shooter, you have more flexibility in when and how often you place bets.

Keep in mind that craps is a social game, and other players at the table might expect some level of participation. While you don’t have to bet on every roll, it’s essential to maintain a reasonable pace of play and be respectful of the other players and casino staff.

As a beginner, don’t be afraid to ask the dealers for help or clarification on the rules. They are there to assist you and ensure everyone has an enjoyable gaming experience.


  1. no u dont and it would be expensive to do so u must bet on the pass line ( or dont pass ) if ur the shooter. Most people just bet with shooter. Game is confusing many casinos offer lessons stick to the simple pass/come dont/pass/dont come bets with odds

  2. No you wait as long as you want to bet. If you want to annoy the staff then put up a place bet and then take it down the next roll. Then put it up again the next and take it down again the next.

    Just bet something and leave it there till it hits or 7 out.

  3. This link will give you the basics of playing craps. Several casinos have craps classes for people that want to learn to play. If you have questions while you’re playing, ask the dealer. A little hint… they’ll be much more inclined to help you with everything you need to know if you tip them! Good luck and have fun!

  4. You can place bets anytime you want, except when the dice are being thrown. Ask the dealers for help, they will help you, but make sure you tip them for their help and service!!

  5. the best bet in the casino is ”not gambling” in craps….if you have a come bet with odds and a ”hot” shooter makes his point you want ”odds off” on the come out….i defy anybody to disprove my logic……

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