1. The most effective way to make money at the craps table is to bet the “don’t pass” line and take maximum odds behind it. The “don’t pass” line is hoping that the shooter craps out and doesn’t hit the point. Taking max odds behind your bet helps you even the casino advantage and gives you ture odds against the house. Good luck and win big!!

  2. Betting the pass line with odds is pretty much the same too.Technically the don’t pass line has slightly better odds (1.38% vs 1.41%), but once you add the odds bet, the difference is pretty negligible.

    Also, try to play at Casino Royale. They have a 100x table, with $1 minimum bet. Making a $1 pass (or don’t pass) bet then adding the $100 odds bet is the best bet in Vegas. But if you don’t have the bankroll for that, a $10 odds bet is still darn good odds (the house edge is somewhere in the neighborhood of .001%).

    There are a lot of other betting strategies that are fun to play, but have significantly worse odds. For example, if you make a $10 place bet on 5, and $12 place bet on 6 and 8, then a $5 field bet, you win if any number but 7 hits. If a 7 hits, you lose $39, so just leave it up for 2 rolls per shooter. This will lose in the long run, but it’s a fun way to play, and if not too many people are sevening out too quickly, you can build up a profit rather quickly.

    Good luck and have fun.

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