Leave a craps table due to a prolonged period of not betting?

Is it common for a casino to ask a person to leave a craps table due to a prolonged period of not betting?

In other words, if I am at a craps table and I have chips but I have not placed a bet for 15 rolls or so, is it customary for the casino personnel to ask me to leave so that someone else can play? Thanks.

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It is not common for a casino to ask a person to leave a craps table simply due to a prolonged period of not betting, especially if the table is not crowded or there are no people waiting to play. Casinos generally want to keep players in the casino, and they understand that some people may take breaks between bets or observe the game for a while before placing their next bet.

However, if the craps table is particularly crowded, and there are people waiting to join the game, the casino personnel may politely ask inactive players to make room for others. Casinos want to accommodate as many active players as possible to keep the games running and generate revenue.

If you find yourself not betting for an extended period, it’s a good idea to step back from the table and let others join the game, particularly if it’s busy. You can always return to the table later when you’re ready to place bets again.


  1. I would say yes, because you’re taking up space and the casino’s losing money.

  2. if there is a need for the seat.. i’m sure they would.. and it is kind of rude to be at a table that long and not be betting.. unless it was the same game. i like to only roll in games that i started in.

  3. Yeah.
    Too may people just standing around a table leads to chip snatching. The security can’t watch everyone at once, and neither can the players.

  4. the pit boss can ask you to move for a player who is willing to bet – you can watch from the sides

    15 rolls – o yeah

    courtesy to other players –

    so you have chips – and YOU want to bet
    and someone is just standing there

    what do you want??

    have a great 2008

  5. they shouldn’t have to ask. if you’re not going to bet, get out of the way and let someone else play.

  6. yes it is common. they wnat to make money and how can they do that if your taking up a space and not betting?

  7. Definietly. The whole point of the Casino is to make money. If you’re a spectator of the games regardless if you have money and aren’t placing bets, they will ask you to leave to make room for those that are willing to put down some bets. It’s very common especially in Vegas. I see it at least 2 or 3 times a night when I go play.

  8. Yes. It works the same as……..we reserve the right to refuse service. If there are others there looking to spend money, move out of the way.

  9. Yeah, it is. They want their money. Also they may think you are there under false pre-trenses possibly trying to steal chips or something. Thay are very paranoid.

  10. I agree with everyone else: a very clear YES. 15 rolls can be a pretty long time, depending on how much “action” is on the table each roll. I’ve seen it get so crazy that it takes about 5 minutes to pay out each roll! So, in that situation, 15 rolls could take more than an hour. That’s a long time. FWIW, I assume you’re NOT talking about an hour. I’ve seen times where you can do 15 rolls in a few minutes, too.

    The only reason I’m also chiming in is to suppose something else that nobody has mentioned yet.

    WHY are you “sitting out?” I do that, too, from time to time if I’m feeling like the table is “cold” or whatever… just wanting to take a break in the action for a few minutes. If I want to let things cool off I either sit there, not betting, like you. OR, I go to the restroom. The dealers/croupiers will watch your chips for you. (Don’t worry… your chips are safer at the table than they are going w/ you for a walk around the casino. If anybody were dumb enough to try to take some, the cameras would catch it and you could/would always get it back. And, if you’re REALLY worried about it, you could take most of your chips, but leave a few to “hold your spot” until you return.)

    So that’s my two cents’ worth.

    In summary, don’t be offended/hurt if they asked you to get out of the way. But, if you want to avoid that in the future, just go for a short walk (even if you don’t really go to the bathroom).

  11. nope…..you have to bet to throw the dice ….if the dice are not passing then you are not betting on a hot roller. under these circumstances one can conclude there is a fluctuation in probability negatively affecting the bottom line.

  12. If there are not many playing, no, but if there are others waiting to play, yes they will ask you to leave.

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