Craps Books List

Top 15 books for Craps

The Craps Guide compiled this comprehensive list of the bestsellers out there on the market today. Read below for the best guides to the craps table!

Learn the tips and strategies, the systems and tricks from the books listed below. With a wide variety to choose from, you’re sure to find the book most suitable for your craps needs.

1. Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! How to Win at Craps Using a Controlled Dice Throw! – Frank Scoblete and Dominator – 2005

Scoblete and Dominator have geared this book towards those who wish to improve their game at the craps table. Using pictures to explain the game, it is an easy to follow guide which claims to improve you game.
2. No-Nonsense Craps: The Consummate Guide to Winning at the Crap Table – Richard Orlyn – 2008

Orlym has produced a bestseller, focusing on how to play cautiously. This is a book for those starting out on the craps tables, and who may need to familiarise themselves with the rules and strategies before hitting the jackpot. An excellent read for novices and those interested going back to basics.

3. Get the Edge at Craps (Scoblete Get-the-Edge Guide) – Sharpshooter – 2002

Sharpshooter claims to improve your play at the craps table, without risking your shirt! A book suitable also for the sceptics, it focuses on proper money management and easy to understand systems to maximise your winnings.

4. Forever Craps – Frank Scoblete – 2005

Scoblete attempts to improve how his readers throw the dice in an effort to control the game and in turn increase winnings. There are many real life examples used in this book which are both a learning experience, along with being a thoroughly hilarious read.

5. John Patrick’s Advanced Craps – John Patrick – 2006

Patrick gears towards managing your money well, as opposed to focusing on how to win big. This is a book for the more cautious player, who both enjoys the game, yet wishes to play carefully. This is a very enjoyable read for all those interested in the craps game.

6. How to Make Your Living Playing Craps – Larry Edell – 1998

Edells’ upfront and honest approach to his writing makes this a refreshing read. Though not for the novice, the experienced player can gain greater insight into craps. With new ideas and fresh systems discussed in this book, it is both an informative read along with an enjoyable one.

7. Winning Casino Craps, 2nd Edition – Edwin Silberstang – 2007

Silberstang provides advice on how to balance your losses and your winnings. A book suited to the more cautious player, with new systems and recommended playing strategies.  A must for those interested in craps.

8. Craps: Take the Money and Run – Henry J. Tamburin – 1995

Tamburins aim in this book is how to teach the readers to play smart. Luck is taken into consideration when each system is being discussed, but some of the advice offered is truly unique.

9. Craps 101 – Michael S. Skaff – 2005

Skaff unique explanation of the craps table is possibly the easiest to understand. There are lessons which guide the reader through different scenarios, and advice on which action to be taken. This is an excellent book for those willing to improve their game, and those needing to learn the basics.

10. Craps For The Clueless: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing and Winning (The Clueless Guides) – John Patrick – 2001

Patrick guides the user through the pros and cons of the different bets offered at the craps table. Avoid looking like a beginner at the craps table with the knowledge you can gain from this book.

11. The Smarter Bet Guide to Craps: Everything You Need to Play Craps Like a Pro (Smarter Bet Guides) – Basil Nestor – 2003

Nestor describes in his book how best to manage your money, and which bets to avoid, and those to gamble on. An excellent book to prevent the novice players from making rookie mistakes.

12. Conquering Casino Craps – John Gollehon – 1997

Gollehon’s strategies are both unique and very well explained in this book. While the more experienced player may refresh their skills, the novice can certainly benefit from this book.

13. John Patrick’s Craps – John Patrick – 2006

Patrick explains in great detail the ins and outs of the craps tables. Avoid the common errors in judgement and look like a pro at the craps table with this informative read.

14. Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos, 2nd Edition: How to Play and Win – Frank Scoblete – 2005

Scoblete comes up trumps again with a relatively easy to understand strategy in a very clearly written fashion. This book goes far beyond the basics to help the readers maximise their profits.

15. You Can Earn Each Hour $12 to $24 or More Playing Casino Craps – Zeke Feinberg – 1992

Learn when to pass and when to gamble. Understanding this basic concept can prevent the big losses at the craps table. Learn to gamble smart with this unforgettable book.